Fitness Programs

Our goal is for you to feel as comfortable as possible in our facility. Ask a trainer for a full gym orientation so that you can recognize yourself with our equipment and machines.


Be the bad ass you always wanted to be with our personal training services.You'll learn to love fitness with guided exercises and develop habits that will last a lifetime.

Our small group training programs keep the energy high, keep you accountable and help you lower your training costs by splitting them with a friend (or two).


We have the personal training program to suit your needs and goals:

Weight Training Programs

Looking to lean out and gain more muscle? Our trainers can develop a routine that matches your body and goals, whether it's for a fitness competition or simply personal ambitions.

Beginner Fitness & Weight Loss Programs

If you are just starting your fitness journey, you will want to utilize one of our beginner programs. Our trainers will not only show you the moves but also how to exercise effectively and properly.

Kickboxing Small Group Training

This is a limited size class that involves small group training with a trainer. In this program, you will use the punching bags, improving your endurance and strength.

Cardio Training Programs

Whether you are training for a 5K or an ultramarathon, our trainers can put together specific programs to your goals including providing tips on nutrition as you train.

Healthy Eating Plans

Diet is 80% of the battle, and our nutritionist can provide you with personalized meal plans based on your lifestyle and exercise routines as well as meet with you one-on-one to keep you accountable.

Athletic Training Programs

If you are looking to enahnce your athletic performance, this is the option for you. These customized programs are led by our top-notch certified trainers who have experience with athletes of all ages, including college and professional level.


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Our mission to provide a fun, friendly, MOTIVATIONAL environment where members of the Indiana COMMUNITY are given the equipment and professionals needed to meet their FITNESS goals.

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